Professional data management services which can be selected "stand-alone", or as part of integrated data service solutions. Merlin Datawise deliver expert data management and storage solutions at every stage of the data life cycle from initial consultation to tailored solutions and future proofing.

Plan & Audit

Trusted Expert Consultancy

Training, Mentoring & Advice

Planning, assistance and support to find the right data solution for your business, helping to mitigate future un-productive in-efficiencies.

Data Obligations

Data owner obligations and responsibilities managed for you. For example seismic release, NDR, PON9

Purchase & Distribution

Data acquisition of released and trade data sets and partner or consultant data set distribution with full audit trail.

Receive & Store

Secure Climate Controlled Facilities

Digital Media (including Backups)

We have two digital media storage areas where temperature and humidity are rigorously controlled to ensure optimum preservation of all digital media formats.

Hard Copy

We can store archive boxes, rolled maps, seismic and well log films and a whole range of legacy data types. Merlin Datawise also offers open shelf storage for documents, providing an accessible library for clients to visit and browse, all strictly in compliance with client data confidentiality.

Cores & Samples

We can arrange and manage storage of your cores and samples with a specialist petrophysical storage service.


Digitisation & Cataloguing


Large format scanning to transform physical media to the digital environment for archive, backup or project foundations.


Bringing the full data set to your desktop and promoting archive integrity

Data Consolidation

Eradicate duplication, identify and dispose of redundant data.

Catalogue Metadata Indexing

Basic metadata captured for both physical and logical items.

Confidential Disposal

Certified confidential data disposal via trusted third-party providers.

Keyword Extraction

Semi-automated document keyword and term extraction using Natural Language Processing. Cheaper than full technical indexing but delivers significant value.


Tailored Solutions

Deep Metadata Indexing

Meticulously compiled, comprehensive and rigorously checked metadata captured for both physical and logical items.

Database & Metadata Taxonomy Design

Data repository foundation planning before population and implementation. Including database platform advice.

Inventory Database

The metadata repository, fully customised to provide an instant response to your data search.

Bespoke Inventory Outputs

To reflect your search criteria and purpose.

Integrity Checks

Assessment of both the completeness and the fidelity of each data set.

Key Dataset Compilation

Identify, collate and flag dataroom sets and operational responsibility data.


Future Proofing

Version Control

We work with you to improve document versioning for legacy data and establish control over future data so that users know the correct version of a document to use - aiding effective business decision making.


Separate back-up creation/storage of safety/business critical documents either in physical or digital form for use in disaster/emergency situations.


Workflow mapping and creation based on existing or desired client criteria.

Merlin Energy Resources

Geological and Geophysical Consultancy

Merlin Energy Resources Ltd.

Merlin Energy Resources is an E&P consultancy offering an enviable range of geological and geophysical skills from which Merlin Datawise can draw to add value to the services we provide to clients. Please click here to go to the separate Merlin Energy Resources Limited website.