Merlin Energy Resources Ltd was established in 1998 by six geoscience specialists who were formerly employees of Clyde Petroleum plc, an oil company based in Herefordshire, UK. When Clyde was shut down after a corporate take-over, the founders decided that there was room in the market for a further E&P consultancy, particularly one where all the staff were seasoned oil company professionals. The fantastic location and quality of life in Herefordshire may have had just a little to do with the decision too.

Merlin was soon in demand to provide in-house and project based support to E&P clients, and gradually began to achieve the corporate objective of carrying out multidisciplinary projects from the home office in Ledbury, UK. The 1999 oil price slump was not a happy time in the industry, but the young company survived and, subsequently, began to grow as repeat business and client recommendations increased the turnover. In 1999, Merlin also entered the data management business via the setup of the Merlin Datawise trading division, based on the acquisition of the skilled staff and the facilities that Clyde had set up in Colwall, UK. After gaining its feet, Merlin has continuously traded profitably, and has pursued a policy of sharing the majority of the profit with its staff in the form of an enhanced bonus scheme.

Over the years since then the Merlin team has grown and adapted, but has been steadily refreshed by the recruitment of highly experienced oil company geoscientists. To balance the experienced staff, Merlin has recruited, trained and developed a number of top-quality geoscience graduates. Their fresh ideas, new ways of thinking and youth combine with the experience and knowledge of the "old guard" to create a dynamic and enthusiastic team. From the beginning of 2012, Merlin entered into a formal teaming agreement with Belltree Reservoir Development and Management. Together, the like-minded Merlin and Belltree teams can now deliver an integrated, coherent and fully independent suite of E&P and asset management services.

The Merlin team spirit and resolve was severely stretched in early 2014 by the untimely death of one of the founder members, Chris Pritchard. Merlin's ethos, character and strength owe much to the dedication and effort Chris showed to the company. Since then, however, the Merlin team has risen to the challenge of building and developing the company further, in a way that we believe Chris would have been proud of.

Merlin has been very successful at achieving trusting relationships with clients and this has enabled Merlin to fulfil its objective to act as an E&P department for several companies. Perhaps most notable of these, in terms of Merlin's contribution to commercial value, has been Nautical Petroleum plc for which Merlin acted as an E&P department from 2003 until Nautical's takeover by Cairn in 2012. At the current time, Merlin continues to act in this fashion for four client companies.

Merlin was born from an oil company, still acts very much as part of an oil company and understands the needs of the business. We feel the need to explore, to see our prospects drilled and to locate that remaining oil. Our story to date is one of success: we intend our future to better this story.